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Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation

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Massage Therapy

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Energy Healing

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What’s on at Modbury Therapy Centre

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I had a course of reflexology treatments to help relieve work related stress. Nicolle paid close attention to my symptoms and took great care to find the pressure points to help them. She also detected other issues and dealt with them accordingly. She was both professional and caring. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for this treatment.


I made contact with Mandy for homeopathy treatment when my daughter Bethan was 7 months old as she was developing an undiagnosed rash on her neck and chest that would come and go but was steadily getting worse over time despite numerous creams from the Dr. The effects of taking the homeopathic remedy Mandy sent were instant, literally within minutes. Her skin calmed overnight and has continually stayed clear since.

I cannot recommend Mandy enough. She made me feel listened to and confident that Bethan’s rash would clear, even though it was hard to diagnose. She supported me in helping reassure my partner that homeopathy was not just safe to use but would be benefit Bethan’s immune system. I’m so relieved and amazed by the results, I honestly can’t thank her enough.